Base stations are the main element of the underground network infrastructure. They are installed along the mine areas and provide complete coverage of the wireless connection of all underground mine workings.




Certificate of conformity TR CU № RU C-RU.AA87.B.00693

The station is produced in the following versions:

  • SBGPS Master-06-WR – base station;
  • SBGPS Master-06-WRP – base station with modules for indication of direction and positioning with increased accuracy.


  • The number of radio channels corresponding to the IEEE 802.11 b/g/n/i standard is two;
  • The operating frequency range of radio channels is from 2,400 to 2,483.5 MHz;
  • The communication distance between stations is not less than 200 m;
  • The maximum number of fiber-optic communication channels IEEE 802.3 (1000Base-FX) - 2;
  • The maximum number of wire communication channels IEEE 802.3 (100BASE-TX) - 2;
  • Cable channel type - fiber optic cable;
  • Data transmission rate on the communication channel is 1 Gbit / s;
  • The maximum length of fiber-optic communication is 20,000 m;
  • The maximum number of wired ISO 11898 (CAN) communication channels is one;
  • The maximum number of wired communication channels with the RS-485 interface is one;
  • The maximum number of output switching channels is "dry contact" - one;
  • The power consumption is not more than 8 W;
  • The voltage of the DC power supply stations - from 56 to 65 V
  • If external power is lost, the station automatically switches to work from the battery pack;
  • The operating time from the battery pack is not less than 16 hours;
  • Level of explosion protection in accordance with GOST 31610.0-2014 - special explosion-proof electrical equipment with RO marking Ex ma ia op is I Ma X;
  • MTBF - not less than 10000 hours;
  • The service life of the station is 10 years (except the power supply). The service life of the power supply unit is 3 years.